Welcome to J Kruse Photography!!!.

    At J Kruse Photography I strive to give you a photographic experience that is both enjoyable and reasonably priced. I will work WITH you and together we will make sure that all of your special moments are captured how you want them. I offer you a variety of pricing options which should fit into most any budget.

    I don’t maintain a studio which both saves you money and moves the entire photography process “On Location”. I will shoot almost anywhere you wish. Your favorite hang out, your school, church, home, your favorite park, or maybe at your job. Along with shooting on location, I shoot 100% digitally which allows for the flexibility to make touch-ups or make digital enhancements if you wish.

    After the shoot, I will perform any computer work that may be requested and then finalize the images to disks as well as upload them to THIS website. If you would like your uploaded images secured with a password, that can be arranged.

    Prices for my services are completely negotiable. Give me a call or drop me an email and we can go over the costs and options.

    Sincerely –

    Jason Kruse
    (563) 357-1735